Welcome to Waverley Podiatry Centre

Waverley Podiatry was established by Chris Gardner in 1988. He has proudly built a team of Podiatrists who are dedicated to continued education and are highly skilled in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of complex foot and lower limb conditions. At Waverley Podiatry we aim to provide the most effective, efficient and current treatment options available, so you can rest assured that your feet will always be in good hands. All Waverley podiatrists are registered with The Podiatrists Registration Board Victoria, are members of the Australian Podiatry Association (A.Pod.A.), Sports Medicine Australia and are enrolled in the A.Pod.A. Accredited Podiatry Program.

Waverley Podiatry Services Include;
❯ General foot care, routine corn and callus removal ❯ Fungal nail laser treatment
❯ Plantar wart laser treatment ❯ Orthotic therapy
❯ Nail surgery ❯ Heel pain
❯ Forefoot pain ❯ Arthritic Feet
❯ Diabetes foot and wound care ❯ Paediatric/children’s foot disorders
❯ Sports medicine ❯ Foot wear supply, education and advice
❯ General musculoskeletal problems ❯ Occupational health and safety
❯ Veteran Affairs ❯ Work Cover and TAC
❯ Enhanced Primary Care (EPC)

You can find us at Cnr Wellington Rd & Yardley Dr, If you would like to book a appointment please click here.